Category 6 data delivery format

Information about water rights, allocations and trades

The approved form for delivery of Category 6 water information to the Bureau is comma separated values (CSV) format. The requirement to comply with this approved form applies to certain person categories, as specified in the Administrative Instrument (224 KB).

Download examples of CSV templates for subcategories in Category 6 from Table 1 below:

  • these templates show how you can structure your data to provide Category 6 water information in CSV
  • Category 6 supporting document (83 KB) provides more information about the CSV templates for each of the Category 6 subcategories.
Table 1: Links to examples of CSV templates
Category 6 subcategory CSV template example
6a 6a data template(1KB)
6b 6b data template(1KB)
6c 6c data template(1KB)
6d 6d data template(1KB)
6e 6e data template(1KB)
6f 6f data template(1KB)
6g 6g data template(1KB)


Support and feedback

To request help with, or provide feedback on, Category 6 formats, send an email to

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